Question: The fabric on my umbrella/cushion/awning/boat cover – etc has faded. Who do I contact?

Answer: Brella Fabrics are supplied to manufacturers and resellers of a finished product, such as yours, please contact the dealer or retailer that you purchased the product from.

Question: My external blind/awning has mould on it, is this covered by warranty?

Answer: Mildew and mould grows on dirt, pollen and other organic matter, regularly cleaning your awnings protects them. Some helpful hints are available on our care of fabric page.

Question: What is the difference between Brella Awning fabrics and classic etc.

Answer: Canvas is a heavier weight, and features a stiff, tight finish. Acrylic fabrics are used for both external blinds and folding arm awnings; the lighter weight makes acrylic ideal for folding arm awnings.

Question: How long is my warranty for?

Answer: Our warranty period is for 5 on all our fabrics.  However, some manufacturers offer extended warranty periods.

Question: Can I buy fabric directly from the factory?

Answer: No, we are suppliers to awning manufacturers and resellers, if you would like to contact a suppliers in your area, please contact us?

Question: Can I buy finished blinds, awnings or products from Brella

Answer: No, we leave the manufacture of blinds and awnings to the experts, who can provide you with the finished product.