Styleshade Care

Styleshade Care Instructions
To obtain maximum life from outdoor products incorporating Styleshade® fabric, the following points should be noted:

  • When used in permanent outdoor situations Styleshade® should be hosed regularly to remove dust, bird droppings, etc. and other solid particles.
  • Do not apply detergents or other cleaning fluids
  • Water borne stains such as coffee, tea, red wines, etc. should be treated first by rinsing in cold water. If this is not sufficient, Styleshade® may be washed with a mild solution of pure soap in lukewarm water max 38ºC (100ºF) and rinsed thoroughly.
  • Stubborn soiling may require treatment with White King® solution, strictly in accordance with the instructions outlined in the Styleshade Care document (download here).
  • Whilst the acrylic fabric itself is rot resistant and impervious to fungal attack, mildew may form on its surface if left in a soiled, damp condition.
  • To ensure that water and soil repellency is fully retained after fabric has endured continuous outdoor exposure or been cleaned extensively, the fabric should be reproofed with a water repellent compound. Bradmill Outdoor Fabrics’ water based BrellaGuard® reproofing compound is recommended for this purpose. Note: this is required when water penetrates the fabric rather than beading off it.