Styleshade is recommended for window awnings, light-weight structures, marine, outdoor furnishings, shade structures and outdoor umbrellas.  Styleshade possess exceptional resistance to fading and degradation for exposure to severe weathering due to the use of dope dyed acrylic yarn.  It is water repellent, rather than waterproof, which gives it the ability to provide moisture protection and breathability for comfort and will not support mildew growth.  Styleshade is resistant to attack from most chemical pollutants found in industrial environment situations.  It is not affected by bird droppings and has outstanding soil release properties due to the soil release finish.  The soil release finish also acts to inhibit growth of mildew on any surface dirt.

Please be aware that some shades are no longer stock items. These shades will only be produced for a minimum order quantity of 500m.
Limited stock of these shades are available for purchase. Contact us for more information.

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15 313 TEF 2011